Surf’s Up! – Woolgoolga

Woolgoolga High School

Performance dates: May 21, 22, 23, and 24 2008

Woolgoolga is a beautiful beach town, 15 minutes drive north of Coffs Harbour on the New South Wales north coast. If you drive the Old Pacific Highway, you’ll know you’re at Woolgoolga when you pass the unique white Sikh Temple situated on the highway. Way back when I was composing “Surf’s Up!”, I wrote some of it in a little place called Arrawarra, a few beaches north of Woolgoolga. In fact the song “Stars Over Redhead” was originally titled: “Stars Over Red Rock”.

So it was with great pleasure that this production changed “Red Head” references to “Red Rock”, giving it a legitimate localisation. I attended all three evening performances. The commitment, enthusiasm and talent on display was exceptional. It was a wonderful production full of joy, humour and fun.

My thanks go to Ian Cook for believing in “Surf’s Up!” and wanting to stage it at Woolgoolga High School, after all those years since we taught together and  produced it at Maroubra High School.


Principal Cast

Bruce Bell:                 Samuel Wiggins

Rhonda:                     Aimee Jellicoe

Bikie:                          Thomas Aitken

Caroline:                    Rebecca Riches

Suzy:                           Sarah O’Loughlin

Mick:                          Thomas Laan

The Man:                   Jake Pohlman

Rhonda’s Mother:     Sarah Turnbull


School Girls

Prefects: Kate Flew; Brianna Miller; Holly Wall; Jazmin Wills.

Juniors: Jessica Aitken; Rachel Bennell; Kimberley Dean; Hailey Lemin; Madelin McMahon; Sarah McMahon; Cheyenne Russell; Alice Williams.


School Boys: Will Jeffery; Thomas Podbury; Jesse Schembri; Toby Taylor; Adrian Wares.


Dancers: Taylin Blackadder; Amber Clarke; Tiana Eggleston; Brooke Gibbons; Elly McKenzie; Brooke Mison; Arnie Morgan; Tahleah Murphy; Emily Portsmouth; Catlin Schmidt; Jessica Seymour; Charmaine Skinner; Annie Taylor; Lana Tynan; Mikayla Walters.


The Band.

Flutes:                         Jessica Baker; Kobe Martin; Mikayla McIntyre

Clarinet:                     Molly Blackburn

Alto Sax:                    Steven Young

Tenor Sax:                 Carmen Jenkins

Trumpet:                    Dylan Quinlan-Basket

Keyboard:                  Jesse Ikin

Drums:                       Erica Feeney

Bass:                           Alex Bennett

Guitar:                       Mr Gareth Berglund


Technical Crew

Jimmi Allen; Michael Babbage; Michael Cross; Geyne Feeney; Jake Funnell; Te Rangi Regler; Kurt Russell; Josh Way.


Painters and Props:

Staff: Pam Ezzy (Director) Kerrie Hall; Tara Hewitt; George Smede; Cassie Stirton; Marilyn Gibson (Parent Helper)

Students: Erica Feeney; Kate Flew; Aimee Jellicoe; Jamie Klum; Georgina Lock; Sarah O’Loughlin; Bronte Seymour; Caitlin Steuart; Kelsey Van Gastel


Special Thanks to:

Lighting and Sound: Experts from BEP; Roland, Steve and Mark.

Costumes: Jennifer Williams

Makeup: Jo Rees and Jill Fulton

Surfing Memorabilia: Bob Weeks (Photography)

Surfboards and Photographs: Robyn and Paul Woods;  Liz and John Scholten