Surf’s Up! – Original Production

Surf’s Up! was originally composed for this production.

Venue: Fanny’s Theatre Restaurant, Newcastle.

November – December, 1983

Surf’s Up! was written in a short 3 act structure – to fit around the serving of the dinner courses.

(Subsequently, it was extended a little and restructured to 2 Acts.)


Tony Squires: Bruce Bell

Julie Wilson: Rhonda

Marcello Capone: All other male roles

Caroline Mooney: All other female roles



Guitars: Jeff Dunn; Mark Tinson.

Bass Guitar: Greg Dawson

Drums: Les Gully

Farfisa Organ: Allan McFadden

The stage space was very small with a low ceiling, and no wing space. I loved the set by Geoff Nance – bright and colourful, it solved the wing space problems, and with a cloud painted on the ceiling made the small box feel wide open. There were even model seagulls scattered about it!

“At last, the sand opera! Surf’s Up! has a good rock sound and a story told all in song which affectionately, if loudly, sends up all those beach party movies of the 1960s … it is smoothly packaged, a shrewd attempt at putting together a theatre restaurant show which appeals to a younger audience than most …  it has some lively songs by Allan McFadden … excellent choreography by Maria Mawkes and energetic performances by its cast.”

Ken Longworth (The Newcastle Herald November 26, 1983) 

Opening Number L to R: Marcello Capone, Tony Squires, Julie Wilson, Caroline Mooney

Opening Number
L to R: Marcello Capone, Tony Squires, Julie Wilson, Caroline Mooney


Rhonda (Julie Wilson) Mother (Caroline Mooney)

Rhonda (Julie Wilson) Mother (Caroline Mooney)


Bruce (Tony Squires) consults "The Man" (Marcello Capone)

Bruce (Tony Squires) consults “The Man” (Marcello Capone)


The Bikie (Marcello Capone)

The Bikie (Marcello Capone)


Bruce Bell's Diary Confession

Bruce Bell’s Diary Confession


Riding the Waves!

Riding the Waves!


Surf's Up! Finale

Surf’s Up! Finale