Noli Me Tangere – Promotional Material

Noli Me Tangere will have its premiere production at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, opening on Saturday 30th March, 2019. It will run the following week (Tuesday til Saturday) closing on Saturday 6th April.

Now available on iTunes and all other platforms: “Could I Ever Forget You?” (from Noli Me Tangere) sung by Miguel Castro. It’s the companion piece to “Sweet Sweet Land”.

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Interview with Miguel Castro and Susanna Downes. (Sydney Arts Guide)











Pam Picart, Susana Downes and Celeste Notley-Smith performing a medley of songs from “Noli Me Tangere” at the Philippines Christmas Festival, Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Saturday 10th November, 2018


Promotional Video:  “Can I Ever Forget You?”  Performed by Miguel Castro (Ibarra) and Susana Downes (Maria Clara).


Song: “Bananas, Tinola and Rice(Company).




Incidental Music: “Captain Tiago’s Party“.


Incidental Music: “Fiesta into Procession of Priests


Song: “God’s Universe” (excerpt). Performed by Miguel Castro (Ibarra) and Nat Jobe (Tasio).


Promotional Video: Extract from “In the Forest Beyond the Lake“.  Performed by Miguel Castro (Ibarra) and Marcus Rivera (Elias).