Johnny Fabulous – About


 A Rock ‘n Roll Musical, entirely sung,  for Secondary students.

copyright  c  Allan McFadden 1975

 Any assistance in developing the Johnny Fabulous pages will be greatly appreciated as I’ve lost most of the programmes and I didn’t see many of the high school productions in the country. I know there were well over 20 productions during the 1970s – 1980s

If you have appeared in any production of Johnny Fabulous while at school, or elsewhere, let me know the details so I can compile a more complete production history of it. Send me program details or production photographs if possible.


Johnny Fabulous was written for Cardiff High School. Their Original Production was in 1975.

Director: Terry Franklin.

Music Director: Ros Norris


Subsequent Productions:


Director: Lyn Williams

Music Director: Warwick Edman



Directed by Father Peter Dwyer



SCEGGS Redlands (1990?)


Cessnock High School (1982?)


Those who have played Johnny.

If you have played Johnny Fabulous in any production, or know of someone who has, please send me their name; the school’s name and the year. I’d like to compile a chronological list here.