Essington Lewis: I am Work – Revived Sydney Production

This production followed on from the HVTC Revived Production of 1997



Belvoir Theatre, Sydney

Opening Night: 16 July, 1997


Vic Rooney: Essington Lewis.

David Wood: Taffy Williams

Jonathan Biggins: Mad Prophet; Jerome Murif; James Kinla; Bowes Kelly; Usher Fellow; Boxer; Migrant.

Robert Faggetter: John Lewis; Guillaume Delprat; Arbitration Judge.

Robin Bowering: Harold Darling; Judge; Andrew Fisher.

Julie Hudspeth: Madge Elliott; Young Lady; Hugo Mueke; McKay; Blodwyn Williams; Miss Jones; Mrs Lewis.

Allan McFadden: Teacher; David Baker; American Businessman; Singer; Salesman; Cecil Hoskins; Migrant

Stuart Halusz: Worker; Sgt. Ravilli; Head, British Steel; Migrant.

Children, Members of the N.S.W. State Labor Government, Onlookers, Workers, Madge Elliott’s Entouragel Dancers; Sallies; Unemployed; Munition Line Workers played by the Company.

“Fifteen years on it remains impressive, probably an Australian classic … an impressively dynamic night out.”

James Waites (Sydney Morning Herald July 18, 1997)



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