Essington Lewis: I am Work – Perth Production

The Western Australian Theatre Company

Opening Night:  18 July, 1987

The Playhouse, Perth.

Flyer - Geoff Gibbs as Essington Lewis

Flyer – Geoff Gibbs as Essington Lewis


Geoff Gibbs: Essington Lewis

David Wood: Taffy Williams

Robert Faggetter: John Lewis; Guillaume Delprat

Murray Dowsett: Mad Prophet; Jerome Murif; James Kinla; King O’Malley; Bowes Kelley; Barrowman; Guggenheim Jnr

David O’Connor: Harold Darling

Don Halbert: Policeman; Worker

Julie Hudspeth: Madge Elliott; Young Lady; Mrs Lewis

Maurie Ogden: Teacher; Hugo Mueke; McKay; Usher; Salesman

James Hagan: Judge; David Baker; Cecil Hoskins

Mariette Rups-Donnelly: Miss Jones; Boxing Ring Girl; Blodwyn Williams

Derek Bond: Piano

Children, onlookers, workers, “Sallies”, Members, migrants played by the company.


“A splendid labour of love for a worker” Review Banner (The Australian)

“There is a great deal of humour in this lapy … is richly peopled with characters and they are played with energy and style …  while the subject would not seem to lend itself to a musical play it does, in fact, work very well. Composer Allan McFadden provides satirical musical touches which are performed on stage by Derrick Bond and sung with zest by the company. Director Aarne Neeme has worked with this play since it was originally produced in 1981 and has given us a splendid production of a work a major importance which cannot be faulted and should not be missed.”

Laria Prerauer (The Australian)

 “Gloriously funny, politically pointed, unsentimentally warm and doggedly durable, the play gains strength and style from its steely imagery and its sometimes mischievous use of music … this play could be offered internationally as an example of contemporary Australian theatre  …  Brian Nickless’s design, featuring rails, blue metal chips and a huge metal wheeled horse is a major factor in this show’s success.”

David Britton (The West Australian)

 “Pure Theatrical Gold” Review Banner  (Daily News)