Essington Lewis: I am Work – Melbourne


Produced by The Church Theatre, Hawthorne, Melbourne


Nominated for 2 awards – Best Production and Best Direction (John Ellis) by the Victorian Green Room Awards Association 1989


Denis Moore:             Essington Lewis

Geoff Revel:              Taffy Williams

Bruce Kerr:               John Lewis;  Delprat

Ernie Gray:               Mad Prophet; James Kinla; King O”Malley

Julie Thompson:        Madge Elliott; Bloodwyn Jones; Mrs Lewis

Peter Hoskings:         Harold Darling

Tom Considine:         Meuke; McKay; Hoskins

Geoffrey Baird:         Baker; Judge; Pianist

 Workers, Onlookers, Spectators, Children and Sallies played by the members of the company.


Artistic Director:                     John Ellis

Acting Administrator:             Raewyn Izett

Production Manager:            Sue Hunt

Assistant Production Manager: Sally Beck

Bookkeeper:                            Jennie Sherlock

F.O.H.Manager:                      Angie Black