Essington Lewis: I am Work – HVTC Original Production

Hunter Valley Theatre Company

World Premiere Season

Opening Night: September 5, 1981


Vic Rooney: Essington Lewis

David Wood: Taffy Williams

John Doyle: John Lewis, Guillame Delprat, Justice Curlewis, John Curtin

Jonathan Biggins: Mad Prophet, Jerome Murif, James Kinla, Bowes Kelley, Writer, Boxer, Barrowman, Elmer Dwight Guggenheim Jnr

Terry Crawford: Judge, McIntyre, Leader NSW Labout Party, Horst Schmidt, Prince of Wales, Nugget O’Brien, Cecil Hoskins, Reporter

Julie Hudspeth: David Baker, German, General Pau, Boxing Ring Girl, Secretary, Woman, Reporter, Girl

Julie Kirby: Madge Elliott, Teacher, Mueke, Mayor of Newcastle, Labour Council Representative, McKay, Admiral Jellicoe, Salesman, Boldwyn Williams

Allan McFadden: Harold Darling, Sgt. Ravilli, King O’Malley, Sir Otto Neimeyer, Stabber Jack

Children, members, Aldermen, onlookers, workmen, “Sallies”, bystanders, by members of the Company


Briona Gill: Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Didgeridoo

Michael Piraner: Clarinet, Tenor Sax

Rod Cambridge: Percussion

Allan McFadden: Piano

The author would like to thank the following people who kindly gave him interviews while researching Essington Lewis: I am Work.

The late Mrs Mary Lewis (Daughter in law of Essington)

Mrs Elizabeth Thwaites (Grand daughter of Essington)

Prof. Geoffrey Blaney (Author “The Steelmaster – Essington Lewis”)

Mr Alex Smith (Ex – Superintendent Coke Ovens)

Mr Martin Ramsay (Ex – Computer Centre, BHP, Newcastle)

Mr Bill Parkhill (Ex Geology Dept. BHP, Newcastle)