Air Heart – About

A musical based on the life and exploits of Amelia Earhart.

Inspired, she thinks, by the daredevil sky battles of World War 1, Amelia learns to fly.

George Putnam, publisher and publicist, takes her on as the first woman flier to cross the Atlantic. He believes “competition didn’t just end with the war” and is always fighting for supremacy. Finally, through publicity, he destroys the very thing he wanted to preserve.

Meanwhile, Amelia grows in wisdom; dismissive of her father, she learns from her mother that he gave her her flying dream. In an act of posthumous reconciliation, she chooses to take an alcoholic navigator and so is lost forever.

Act One is the build to the Atlantic crossing. Act Two is the build to the round-the-world trip.

Air Heart is set in places across America, England and Ireland, and in the skies above and between.

Time: 1908 to the present.